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Astro Club

Astro Club Rs 1500/- Year

  • The good and bad situation of grah during the year and guidence on it.
  • Time conditions during the year.
  • Good and bad days of all months during the year.
  • Guidence of Mahurt, Diwali Pooja, Jap,Pooja.


Divya Jyoti Oil

Divya Jyoti Oil Rs 1500/- for 250ml bottle

For adverse conditions.

It decrease negative engergy and generates postive energy.

Payment Recovery

Payment Recovery. "Kapur"

Fees - 20 % on Recovery when you recieve full amount from party.

Divya Dip Oil


Divya Dip Oil Rs 1500/- for 250ml bottle

For marraige yoga for females

Provides positive energy

Siddh Gomti Chakra

Siddh Gomti Chakra for will power gives energy for successfull completion work or mission. 

Rs. 500.

Mental Peace

For mental peace at home & work place.

Rs. 1100.