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Hemil Lathia:

Hemil Lathia started his Astrology and Palmistry journey at a very young age as a Hobby. While studying Indian Trade, Commerce and Commodity, Hemil acquired profound knowledge of Astrology and Palmistry and completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

The burning desire to serve the humanity is a part of Hemil Lathia’s personality and Astrological Spiritualism is the prime most aim of Hemil’s life. Hemil has analyzed thousands of horoscope/birth charts for last two decades and initiated astral remedies giving them a new phase of life. Having sound knowledge and predictive accuracy over topics such as marital compatibility, progeny, profession, financial stability, love life, education, career and business, Hemil Lathia provided his services to leading mobile company Astrology center for a longtime and was most popular among the callers.

TV Shows & Articles:

Hemil Lathia has attended a number of conferences and seminars ad has given his valuable contribution to society besides providing one to one consultations and in short period of time has authored many articles in the leading news papers and magazines.

  • Articles on unhappy married life and politics/election published in leading Gujarati magazine Chitralekha.
  • One hour live consulting programme on Z Gujarati.
  • Live programme on TV9 for business and new year muhurts
  • Interview on ETV Gujarati
  • Interview CNBC Awaz
  • Interview on TV9
  • Article in Indian Express on politics and political situation
  • Article in Divya Bhaskar on Vastu Shastra
  • Article in Sandesh in Astrology filed
  • Article in Metro Sambhav on Astrology in present age and time
  • Article in Krushi Prabhat on Agricultural/Monsoon predictions
  • Interview in ManavMitra on Stock Exchange predictions.
  • Article in Sandesh Agro Comodity.


Hemil Lathia is a religious native and believes strongly in the Absolute Law of Karma and has expertise in reading the Karmic Layers being presented in form of birth chart of an individual. Hemil Lathia has simple philosophy, service others through the science of Astrology and Palmistry in all the areas of life and means.

As Hemil Lathia is associated with commodity market, he analyses all his profound knowledge, technical chart and associated circumstances to offer most accurate predications to maximize the growth/profit. 

  • Commodity World- Daily: Prediction on commodities and stock markets
  • Samna Dainik: Astrology articles on all major subjects
  • Current Hot Line: Weekly astrological predications for stock markets
  • Profit: Commodities and Stock Markets prediction for all star signs
  • Recently has acquired the possition of "Tantra Bhushan" and is pursuing for "Tantracharya"